Xtra – app : Create a digital assistant with the power of SmartWithFood

The challenge

  • The customer relation is becoming evermore digital. Retailers are at risk of losing the relationship between the customer and themselves as digital assistants are becoming increasingly dominant.
  • If not careful, this relationship will be hollow and the retailer becomes nothing more than a warehouse for other digital assistants.

The solution

  • For its digital assistant, the Xtra app, Colruyt Group embedded SmartWithFood services in various functionalities offered to the customer.
  • Intelligent Search, Autocomplete in Search, Barcode Scan, Product Details are some of the API’s that have been integrated so far, and recipe related services are on the roadmap for future deployment.
  • These services enhance the CX offered by the app, and are the basis of a true Digital Assistant.

The result

  • The Intelligent platform of SmartWithFood allows retailers to establish their own digital assistant by enabling services that create a long term relationship with the customer.
  • Allows the retailer to keep understanding who is behind the purchases.
  • As a retailer, customer relations are your biggest capital.