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Optimize the Food Shopper Journey with high transparency, extensive personalisation and sales boosting technology.

The facts


of consumers place a high level of importance on product transparency in their omnichannel buying decisions

Food retailers need to find a way to manage their food information supply in a constantly changing and growing food diversity.

17 mio

Europeans suffer from allergic food reactions

There is great opportunity in addressing customers with specific lifestyles (veggie, …) or conditions (allergies, intolerances, …) with adapted recipes and food offers.


increase in shopping basket value using SmartWithFood’s Recipe-to-Basket Technology

Data and Technology are the key drivers that will help e-tailers to adapt to changing needs, and to outwin competition.

Your customer is rapidly evolving.
Make sure you are too.

Consumers are increasingly looking for an online food experience: they search for food inspiration, and once they have found what to prepare for a meal, they expect a seamless journey to acquire the products that they need, adapted to their lifestyles and possible allergies.

SmartWithFood enables you to respond to their needs.

Our strengths

We enable the richest  Food personalisation experience

SmartWithFood has the technology and data that will enable you to personalise the food shopping experience of your customer, without increasing your cost of maintenance.

Food Master Data on Steroids

Not only do we use the most comprehensive sources of official food data, we enrich the data with additional attributes.

Our services will unlock and enhance the real value of your product data, allowing you to respond to the emerging personalisation demand from your customers.

Ecosystem Connectivity

SmartWithFood provides a seamless data integration in your environment, through our API-first approach.

We know food retail

We breathe food retail. It’s in our genes. We help you setup the best personal experience for your customers, while not burdening your back-office. Simply because we know how you want to work.

Driving value through 3 pillars

1. The best customer experience

  • Relevance and exhaustivity in food Search: a product or recipe that is not found, cannot be sold.
  • Enabling personalisation in product search and recipe proposals (preferences, allergens, …)
  • Sparking curiosity by presenting alternative products
  • Offering high-grade Product Transparency
  • Adding Convenience
A person recording baking goods.

2. Growing your financial results

  • Enabling boost of higher margin products, alternatives
  • Offering X-sell opportunities: proposing accompanying products (eg. Cheese cubes with toothpicks)
  • Media: allow smart media selling in search & food matching
  • Recipe sourcing: connect external recipe sources to your shopping baskets
Rows of shelf space in a store.

3. Achieving your strategic goals

  • Health: boosting healthier food, analyzing baskets
  • Sustainability: promoting sustainable products
  • Waste reduction by providing 'product-to-recipe’ leftover inspiration
  • Nearby: always the right companion to assist in the consumer’s food choices
  • Create Competitive Advantage: Enabling powerful & scalable functionality that drives online growth
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