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Our mission is to make healthy lifestyle choices easy for everyone. We do this by making coaching simple, pleasant and personal. Our customers and users are therefore central to everything we do and build. Join us on this mission!

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Good working atmosphere
Flexible employer
Space to grow
Zwijnaarde, Belgium
Full time
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Test Automation Engineer
Zwijnaarde, Belgium
Full time
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What drives us

We have a positive, hands-on and multidisciplinary culture - we look for people who are curious, inventive and work a little better every day to be a little better. In our collaboration we want to be smart, hardworking and above all collaborative.

Growth mindset
Time for fun
Driven by passion
A picture of SanderA picture of SmartWithFood employees enjoying themselves.A picture of SmartWithFood employees enjoying themselves.
Full Stack Developer
The daily challenges and responsibilities ensure that I am never bored. The nice colleagues & team activities only make it even better.
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Pauline's story

How did you end up at SmartWithFood?

I got to know SmartWithFood through a friend who was working here already. She asked me if I would like a student job during the summer. This seemed perfect as it matched my interests and education (marketing and nutrition). After a month of this job, it was clear to me that there was a match between me and SmartWithFood, so I stayed.

What does SmartWithFood stand for for you?

In my opinion, SmartWithFood stands for growth. Since I started here, not only the company itself has grown but also the people around me and myself. We all grow with the company.

What is it like to work at SmartWithFood?

It's great to work here. Every week new challenges come my way and I learn something new. We work with tight schedules and deadlines and alternate the hard work with a nice chat at the office, a good joke, a teambuilding or a healthy lunch.

What does a day at SmartWithFood look like?

Laughing all day long! No, seriously ... The day starts with a 15-minute standup in which everyone briefly talks about what they did the previous day and what problems they have. The aim of the standup is to help each other where necessary. After that, we can all fly in and you immediately notice how passionate everyone is.

The lunch break is not split per team, which is nice. As a result, we have a close relationship with all employees. Everyone sits together at the table and chats. After some meetings and some working hours, we often have a coffee break to recharge the batteries until the end of the day. I come with a smile every day, that says enough, right? :-)

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