Food tech at SmartWithFood

Our strong team of dieticians and food experts add interpretation to the extensive sourcing of food reference data. On a daily basis, they add value to our Food DataGraph, structured in a way that allows easy management of continuous changes and additions to the data.

Our solutions are API-first, delivering seamless interconnection with your assortment and personal profile data, and providing state-of-the-art webservices that interact with your customer touchpoints (apps, websites, in-store applications, …)

An image describing the SmartWithFood knowledge graph. A combination of commercially available resources, inhouse experience and retailer information combined into a single knowledge graph.

We feed our knowledge graph with data from all corners

For over more than 8 years, SmartWithFood has collected, created and improved thousands of food data-nodes. Each node represents a food item or attribute and is part of an interlinked smart system to yield to most powerful food knowledge base available. All food items are language agnostic, allowing swift deployment in foreign countries with easy integration of new (local) food product reference datasets.

Enrichments by tagging

When adding new data and linking new products, our team of dieticians carefully process all available information, whether in the food reference dataset, on-pack, or online. The richness of reference information already present in our Food Data Graph allows for a maximum information to be enhanced with a minimum of operational effort.

Our digital business services

  • Recipe to basket
    Converting ingredients into product lists
  • Recipe details
  • Product alternatives
    Personalised alternative proposals
  • Ingredient to product
  • Product details
  • Product search
  • Purchase analysis
  • Recipe search
  • Ingredient insights
  • Score calculation
    Eco-score, Nutri-score
  • Mealplans
  • Ingredient to recipe
    Propose recipes based on a specific ingredient
  • Product insights
    Element analysis of ingredients

Services that can boost your company strategy

Over the years, we refined and improved our technology to a highly qualitative, language independent solution, covering many food attributes as a basis for a multitude of use cases: Our digital business services can be consumed as building blocks to your specific environment and are built to meet your business goals, whether it’s increasing your bottom line, improving customer experience, or applying your company strategy regarding sustainability, waste reduction or health.