Helping you excel in your online Customer Experience, while digitising the offline journey just as well. Boosting e-Commerce performance with seamless integration of Intelligent Food Tech.

For retailers

Want to provide in-store extensive information, labels and nutritional data to your consumers, using handheld scanning devices? Want to create and/or manage master data on recipes, with immediate availablity online? Want to convert any online recipe into e-shopping baskets, but without the manual work? SmartWithFood has the data and technology to help you provide those services to your customers, and get to market fast.

A person recording baking goods.

For e-commerce platforms

In a modular setting, SmartWithFood can help you boost performance of search and facetting. This includes personalisation of search results, taking preferences, buying history and media boosting into account. As recipes take on an increasingly important role in the buying journey of the e-shopper, integrating external recipe sourcing, and conversion into shopping baskets requires expertise. We bring this expertise into your e-commerce platform, increasing customer value, and help you in differentiation from competition

A laptop displaying a widget with shoppable recipes.