Increasing transparancy while focusing on your core business

The challenge

  • Legal requirements regarding food labelling are ever increasing.
  • Providing all necessary product information is a tedious, and sometimes costly task, including many risks of possible errors or missing data. On a yearly basis, 30% of the product data undergoes changes.
  • Solucious has had a very solid ERP backbone, linked to a powerful PIM (Product Information Management) tool. They were missing the necessary product detail information in order to be legally compliant.

The solution

  • Solucious developed a link to the SmartWithFood Product Detail API, enhancing every product in the Solucious sales catalogue with detailed information on a large number of attributes on a daily basis.
  • To enable the sales catalogue of Solucious in the Product API, we had to link the Solucious product data to our Food Data Graph: an AI assisted manual process that guarantees a qualitative resolution of the product data, and a product enhancement that is 100% reliable.

The result

  • Solucious has, beyond the legal obligation, all information available to service its customers in a very transparent way.
  • The whole process allows Solucious to focus on its core business, and take the hassle out of the manual enhancement of its product catalogue.