How Smartwithfood leverages small assortments

Don’t change your customer, provide alternatives fitting your customer demands

The challenge

  • With the fast array of different consumer options, it is nearly impossible as a retailer to sell every product variant or brand name.
  • Take as an example. Rayon is a digital only retailer with high quality, mostly local producers. Their catalogue of products is therefor small,  and deliberately misses some of the large brands’ products.
  • When searching for well known items, users might not find what they are looking for.

The solution

  • Although they don’t sell Fanta, SmartWithFood Search services understand many brands and products, even though they are not in the sellers’ assortments.
  • SmartWithFood intelligent search understands that Fanta is typically a sparkling, orange flavoured beverage and returns similar alternatives to the customers’ demand.
  • This is accomplished without the retailer having to hard code a link between Fanta and one of its products in his catalogue.

The result

Instead of losing a sale because of the non-availability of specific products, the Smartwithfood intelligence helps the retailer in enabling a transaction, that would otherwise probably not have taken place.