The SmartWithFood app, as a companion for innovation projects, to help people towards a healthy lifestyle, with the support of EIT Food.

Ghent, 17 February, 2020 

EIT Food, the perfect match for SmartWithFood 

EIT Food is Europe’s leading food innovation initiative, working to make the food system more sustainable, healthy and trusted. They are on a mission to build an inclusive and innovative community where the consumer is actively involved. 

Eit Food’s innovative projects and KPI’s go perfectly together with our beliefs: ‘bridging science to the mass’. At SmartWithFood we highly support the ‘knowledge triangle’ of education, business & innovation.

Partnerships for scientific innovation 

SmartWithFood is a partner of several EIT projects like EIT Healthtricous and EIT Mtching COVID.  

For these projects we collaborated with OnePlanet Research Center (a co-operation of Radboud University, Radboud-umc, Wageningen University and Imec, specializing in sensor and nanotechnology). 

For EIT HealthtricousOnePlanet Research Center provided expertise on consumer behaviour and change through digital product, food literacy, nutrional expertise and obesity 

For EIT Mtching we collaborated with Aarhus University in Denmark. In this project the department of Food science provided scientific background information of the link between food and pleasure of eating, via qualitative and quantitative research with COVID recovering patients.  

Are European innovation projects start-up proof? 

We introduced the SmartWithFood app to specific target groups with the aim to assist them making healthier food choices and connect them with food professionals in a more approachable manner. 

In addition we created an MVP of a dietician platform, an interface where our first 15 bèta-tester dieticians can connect with interested clients. With this platform they are able to coach SmartWithFood-users towards a healthier lifestyle. They add their expertise to enrich the level of coaching to a more personal experience. 

Science behind food literacy and actionable inspiration 

Science made actionable.  

We bundled all insights and translated these into inspiration, tips and achievable changes. With this content we support our SmartWithFood community via easy to understand and actionable communication. 

Mealplanning as important step towards behavioural change 

Insights from OnePlanet learned us that mealplanning is an important step in behavioural support.  

Through an improved onboarding process, we help the user set and execute goals. They’ll see  recipes and tips tailored to their goals, the ability to customize dishes with healthier suggestions, the automatic creation of shopping lists, a personalized cookbook and the ability to scan products in the supermarket. 

Feedback on choice using the nutri-score and more in-depth feedback on nutrients is on our product roadmap.  

Have you lost your taste & appetite due to COVID-19? 

Based on the study of Aarhus University*, we learned 4 themes for maintaining a healthy appetite which we translated in tips and recipes in our SmartWithFood app in order to help people in need for inspiration 

#1: Focus on the well-functioning senses: choose crunchy foods, add spices and use different textures.  

#2: Focus on familiarity: importance of recognizing the food and memorizing its flavour.

#3: Focus on the eating environment: enjoy your meal, together with others, eat in a calm environment, pay attention to all sensory perceptions. 

#4:  Focus on the well-being: find pleasure in healthy eating by feeling that you care for your body.

Did you know our sense of smell determines 80% of the taste of the food? - Kirsten Jaarsma, chairman of

We want to highlight that every taste & smell recovery experience is highly personal and there is no perfect solution. It is more about experimentation and trying to find combinations you’ll enjoy again while eating.

We would like to refer to Kirsten Jaarsma of – as experienced practitioner – who helped us with insights on how to communicate to the SmartWithFood community.

So, are European innovation projects start-up proof? We guess they are … 

Do you want more information or are you interested to work together? Do not hesitate and contact us.

Sources Aarhus University: 

Høier, A.T.Z.B., Chaaban, N. and Andersen, B.V. (2020). Possibilities for boosting appetite in patients recovering from Covid-19. Scientific abstract submitted to the Eurosense 2020: 9th European Conference on Sensory and Consumer Research, P1.246.

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