The NEW SmartWithFood app

Ghent, 27 january, 2020 

Find out how easy it is to eat smarter and healthier with the updated SMARTWITHFOOD APP

SmartWithFood app

With the updated SmartWithFood app we enter the age of personalized nutrition, where science and technology can decide what food is right for you. This way, managing your overall health and wellbeing becomes so much easier!

We make it simple for consumers to find and buy the right food that fits their needs, by building the bridge between food and the individual.


Discover the features:

Get inspired



Be inspired by our suggested recipe caroussels and personalized tips & tricks. Looks good, don’t you think?






Plan your week


Schedule your favorite recipes? You can now do that per day, handy & easy! Add your favorite recipes from your cookbook or external website.

The first step in the right direction is easily taken!





From now on, add all the ingredients of your favorite recipes to your shopping list with one simple click.

That means smoother shopping and more enjoyment.



All about you



Everything revolves around you and that’s why we provide you with your own personalized zone.

Here you will find your cookbook, all your scanned and favorite products and your preferences that you indicated during your onboarding so that you will receive tailored advice.

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