Ten-fold increase of product database SmartWithFood app

Ghent, 15 February, 2020 

The SmartWithFood app just got an extensive update. With the scanning app, consumers can easily discover whether a product matches their individual nutritional profile. Whereas in the past it was only possible to scan the barcode of products within Colruyt Group stores, the SWF database now includes the product range of most major retailers in Belgium, bringing the total number of products to 200,000, representing a tenfold increase.  

It’s also possible to see the Nutri-Score of all those products and users also have the option of adding products to the app. By expanding the database, the SWF team has stepped up its efforts at placing the customer at the centre of all its processes and providing customers with the most comprehensive possible shopping advice in any store. 

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Complete nutrition information, with Nutri-Score 

Users create their own profile in the SmartWithFood app. When they scan barcodes, the app immediately displays all the information about the nutritional values and ingredients of a product. This is also useful for anyone wanting to eat a balanced diet, anyone suffering from allergies or intolerances, anyone following a specific diet or anyone following a faith-based or lifestyle diet, such as vegetarians or vegans.  

The SWF team has given the Nutri-Score a central role in the app, so that users can see the Nutri-Score within the app, even for products that do not have a Nutri-Score on their packaging. Where possible, the app also suggests alternative products that better fit the user’s own profile or the family’s profile. 

New: add your own products 

Products that are not yet in the database can now be reported by more than 60,000 users. “Let’s say the SWF app doesn’t recognise your scanned product. In that case, you can easily report the product info to the SmartWithFood team by sending a few photos of the product. We then add the product to our databases. This will help our community, so that we can continue evolving,” according to Ignace De Nollin. 

Future updates to focus on personalized nutrition 

The SWF team is continually working on updates to make the app more and more personalized. “For example, we want to provide our users with information that is even more personalised based on their profile settings, by sending them new trends, recipes or products on a monthly basis. We’ll be doing great things in the future anyway, based on the feedback we get from our users.” 


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