Healthusiasm: a new approach for companies to make consumers ‘Healthy & Happy’

It may sound too fantastic to think that businesses can help customers to be(come) healthy & happy and contribute to a better world.  

At SmartWithFood we think there is way, and so does Christophe Jauquet, our guest speaker for our 3rd Inspiration evening on December 17th.   

We went home inspired after Christophe’s keynote presentation on the future of Health(care), tech & marketing and a very interactive dialogue session with all attendees searching for creative actions we can take as a community to stimulate Health & Well-being.   

How to make consumers healthy & happy – a snapshot from Christophe’s presentation & book ‘Healthusiasm  

In a world were technology increasingly meets our basic and social needs, we want to become the best version of ourselves. Thanks to technology we are empowered to do so, moving beyond the one-size fits all to personalised experiences. 

The experience economy in health has a big growth opportunity. Also, patients are no longer satisfied with standard service and products companies offer.   

“People want to achieve something that makes them feel good and even proud about themselves. Healthy and happy? Socially engaged? Involved with our planet? It’s about our own soul. People generally value experiences a lot more. And if experiences become personal, they can even transform customers into becoming a better person.” (Christophe Jauquet) 

New inspirations & innovating ecosystems 

“Healthusiasm”, “SmartWithFood”, we ambition to support consumers & patients to live longer and healthier. 

We actively want to bring the healthcare sector, and brands, publishers, retailers, start-ups, … together for a Healthier & Happier world. 


Tip: get inspired by Christophe Jauquet during our Dutch speaking podcast hosted by SmartWithFood 

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