FrieslandCampina praises Premium Service from GS1 and SmartWithFood

The importance of correct B2C data is enormous for a company like FrieslandCampina. In a world where a large part of the population is allergic, follows a specific diet or wants to eat healthy, the company considers it its duty to provide consumers with correct and complete information. The company uses the Premium Service from SmartWithFood for this.

“The regulation ‘FIC’ (EU) No 1169/2011 was an important lever for the evolution towards the digital availability of B2C data”, says Steffie Defreyne, Master Data Manager at FrieslandCampina.
“The latest technologies make the composition of a product more transparent for the consumer / shopper than before. A simple scan of the barcode, as a key to a digital world of useful / fun information about the product, allows consumers to understand how a product fits into their lifestyle and / or diet. We see the availability of extra information through packaging, (health) apps, videos, websites, … as an opportunity. “

FrieslandCampina uses the Premium Service from SmartWithFood for this purpose. “This provides insight into the online data of our products and the extent to which they are fully and correctly available. A score of 100% means that we fully comply with the requirements imposed by the aforementioned regulation. In combination with the already existing scores in the ‘GS1 Datachecker’, the Premium Service gives a strong picture of the ‘health’ of our online data. “

Usefull confirmation.

The SmartWithFood report mainly clarifies which information (nutritional, allergens, ingredients, legal name, …) is not yet correct. “Because we already had an almost perfect score, this provides us with additional specific insights”, Steffie Defreyne continues. “If the score of the report is already good, this will ensure that our data is certainly present in the online systems, so that we can sleep on both ears. Moreover, we can correct any errors pragmatically and efficiently, which saves some time per reference. “

Suitable tool.

The SmartWithFood Premium Service fills a gap at many suppliers. “EU 1169/2011 meant a leverage for the online availability of B2C-labeled data, but also often poses a major challenge for food companies. It is not for every company just as natural to manage master data correctly in their internal and external systems and to keep them up-to-date. The extensive report from SmartWithFood is the perfect tool to help with this: it points out the pain points and offers the possibility to correct them efficiently. “

At FrieslandCampina they consider this tool as a must. “The focus is currently exclusively on compliance with the FIC regulation. If that scope is expandable to other interesting data-related services, that would be fantastic. I am convinced that GS1 will identify and integrate extra opportunities into the Premium Service “, concludes Steffie Defreyne.

(B. Vancauwenberghe)

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