More and more consumers are shopping online or use their mobile in store for extra product or recipe information and inspiration. A growing percentage has very specific dietary preferences, whether they are allergic, only eat vegan or just want to reduce their sugar intake. With SmartWithFood you can answer instantly to this need.

The SmartWithFood, easy-to-integrate solutions, can make every shopping experience even more convenient and just right. For how many of them is verifying and comparing all the packaging and ingredients to correspond their needs a highly consuming and frustrating occupation. Also, retailers have more and more the role of inspiring consumer to make healthier food choices.

This is where we come in and make your consumer Smart With Food. Currently we have more than 200 food preferences and filters; and all of them can be combined. Xxx is Gluten free, no? Have you tried it on your own search engine? What do you get?

With SWF all gluten-free options will be visible in a snap. And not only those that are manually or by the supplier gluten-free tagged. And there is more! We stay on top of all the latest technologies, lifestyles and fads. SMARTWITHFOOD offers a plug and play services, for you to focus on convenience without huge investments and risk.

Also want to be SMARTWITHFOOD? Make it easy for your consumer to find the right food. Personalize your digital tools to answer better to the most specific dietary preferences to make the shopping experience even more convenient, online and in store.

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