Today, retailers are using historical shopping data to understand the consumer’s buying behaviour. With that knowledge the retailer’s objective is to improve the shopping experience, increase loyalty and basket size. SmartWithFood wants to put the consumer in control of this data.

A consumer would get a highly personal and visual overview of what he is consuming.  He can evaluate his consumption versus his goals and (national) recognized guidelines. He will also be able to compare his (family) behaviour with peers.

Our aim is to be the consumer’s smartest companion for making healthier & better food choices.

Test group:   50 consumers
Duration:    6 months
Objective:   Tracking and evaluating shopping behavior via buying history and questionnaires

Only by communicating and comparing consumption patterns,   consumers change behavior towards recommendations.

Intake red meat beginning at the start of the test scored around 180%   of national advised guidelines. Only with this knowledge consumers   changed behavior and dropped intake to 105%.

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