GS1 Belgilux and SmartWithFood launch their premium Service together

GS1 Belgilux and SmartWithFood launch their premium Service together

What is it?

GS1 Belgilux and SmartWithFood work together in order to offer companies, on top of the data quality controls currently in the GS1 Data Checker, a detailed overview of their product data when it comes to the correctness and completeness of the trustbox product data.

The added value?

The current controls of GS1 Belgium & Luxembourg start with the product label. Its information is then compared with the digital information found in trustbox. Thanks to SmartWithFood’s methodology, the data sent to trustbox undergo more in-depth analyses than the existing ones implemented by GS1 Belgilux. The methodology focuses on the inconsistencies between, for example, ingredient lists and allergen lists in French and Dutch.

Each trustbox supplier receives, starting today, an additional score in the GS1 Data Checker that reflects the accuracy of the digital product data.
Does your score indicate that your data contains errors? You have the opportunity to obtain from SmartWithFood a full report (paid service) in order to obtain a precise detailing of each error, as well as an overview of each inconsistency. This is a much faster solution than to look for each mistake by yourself!

Thanks to this service, GS1 Belgilux and SmartWithFood offer you the chance to improve even further your data quality in trustbox. Friesland Campina has already tested the service. Read their experience here.

Do you wish for more information? Have a look at our website or the website of SmartWithFood. You may also contact

Interested in a detailed analysis? Get in touch directly with SmartWithFood through

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